Cold Chain Monitoring Solutions.

tempmate.® monitoring solutions

Data logger and indicators for temperature monitoring of transports, refrigerators, warehouses, server rooms etc. The data logger save this temperature and time values ​​that can be evaluated on the PC later. The temperature loggers are available in different versions: Waterproof, with display, with connections for external sensors, etc.

For last mile shipements the tempmate.® indicators are the best solution. They are cost effective and reliable.
Warehouse and Industial processes can be monitored with the tempmate.®-IR series.


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Temperature Data Logger

tempmate.®-M1, our best data loggers for temperature recording with internal or external temperature sensor, Mulifunktions display and automatic PDF report generation.


tempmate.®-S1 v2

Disposable Temperature Data Logger

Revolutionary disposable temperature logger with built-in USB port. The tempmate.®-S1 V2 has an integrated PDF & CSV report generation, and therefore does not require any additional software. tempmate.®-S1 V2 data loggers are delivered custom-programmed on request.

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Disposable temperature indicator

The tempmate.®-i1 is a disposable electronic indicator developed for last mile shipments, deliveries to areas without access to computers and for supporting dataloggers. Electronic indicators are a reasonably priced solution if you need a fast and reliable feedback of your goods condition without a detailed report.


High Accurate Infrared Thermometer

tempmate.®-IR series thermometer are build for industrial processes, craftsman and quality management in logistic processes of the food and pharma industry. With their precise optic it is perfect to measure the temperature over distance and at moved objects.
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